Commercial Tenancy Debts

Where a commercial tenant owes a landlord rent, it may be open to the landlord to seize the tenants goods for the rent and if payment is not made to sell those goods. The landlord may also be entitled to re-enter the premises, terminate the lease and sue the tenant for the landlord’s loss and damage.

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Real Estate Agents

Acorn Collections also collect debts owed to real estate agents for unpaid commission and advertising.

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Commercial Tenancy Debt Recovery Procedure (QLD)

Acorn Collection Services will accept rental debt recovery matters on a “No Recovery, No Cost” basis.

You must provide us with as much information as possible in relation to the debtor.

The more information that is provided the better the chances of collection are.

Our first call to action will be to:

  • Make contact with the tenant and issue a Final Demand for payment; and
  • Seek payment in full or negotiate a payment arrangement.
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