Credit Management

With our broad depth of experience in the field we can manage your accounts receivables from start to finish.

We offer an outsourced Receivables Management Service across the various stages of the consumer and commercial credit process.

Acorn Collections comprehensive Credit Management Strategy has helped our small business regain financial control.
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Our service includes:

  • Company Credit Policy

    Checking your company's credit policy and processes;

  • Internal Credit Culture

    Helping to build an internal formal credit culture;

  • Accounts Receivable

    Managing your accounts receivable – from 0 to 90 days overdue

  • Debt Recovery

    Diversion to specific debt recovery actions – post 90 days overdue

  • Company Credit Terms

    Revision, drafting and update of your credit terms (T&C’s)

  • Terms & Conditions

    Ensuring your T&C's are incorporated into the point of sale and applicable marketingmedia

Acorn Collections Credit Management

We use the latest smart technology and web delivered platforms to enable us to work with your customers effectively and efficiently.

Each contact with the customer is recorded and logged and updates are provided to you as often as you require.

Using our Credit Management Services allows:

  • Improved cash flow / net results
  • Cost saving & cost certainty
  • Full transparency to your Accounts Receivable ledger at any time
  • Your customers will have certainty over your credit policies

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First Party Collections

Collecting in your Name

Where you wish to maintain the business relationship that you have carefully fostered with your customer, we can collect under your company umbrella.

When you outsource your collections to Acorn Collections Services;
it gives your company a structured credit policy to adhere to and build upon, cost certainty and most importantly your staff are free to focus on your core business of generating income.

Once Acorn Collections has received your instructions and designed a tailored credit and collections policy for each individual customer, we can start collecting in your name.

Our staff members are specifically trained to get results and deal with a customer’s reluctance to settle their account within the desired time frame.

We will liaise with you to ensure our call scripting and the language to be used by our Account Managers is consistent with your business. Our aim is to operate as an extension of your company and to uphold the company brand at all times.

Credit Management Sharing