Field Calls

Our Field Call Agents are fully licensed, highly skilled and with many years of experience.

Field calls are conducted to:

Personal Details

A Field Call can confirm an address or personal details where contact could not be made via mail or telephone.

Legal Documents

A Field Call can be to serve Legal Documents.

Assessment of Debtor

A Field Call can be used to determine a debtor’s intention and ability to pay a debt.

Asset Evalution

A Field Call can quite often assess the assets of a debtor and to make an informed decision regarding theviability of legal action.

Acorn Process Servers Field Calls

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A field call from a trained and licensed debt collector shows the debtor that your company is taking the outstanding debt seriously and doesn’t intend to simply write it off.

Field calls can be a powerful tool when assessing an individual’s circumstances and the potential for debt recovery, collecting customer payments or simply making informed decisions based on accurate information.

Field calls are also a valuable means of determining the condition, registration and insurance status and location of a secured asset.

Our national network of experienced field agents are trained in conducting field interviews and in negotiating customer payment arrangements or settlements.

Comprehensive written and photographic reports are provided to aid informed decision making, while maintaining our adherence to regulatory compliance at all times.

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