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With a Managing Director who has practised law for 13 years in several international and inter-state jurisdictions, we understand the relevance and particular requirements of service of every document that we serve.
We serve documents for all Australian courts from all jurisdictions.
We cover all kinds of Document Serving, from divorce applications to civil complaints and procedural documents.
We specialise in difficult-to- locate and obstructive defendants.
We also provide a Service Process for non-court documents (e.g. Notice of Termination, other documents which require special delivery).
For these we provide a Statutory Declaration as evidence of Service.

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What information do we need from you?

In order to make the process as easy as possible, the information we would request about the person to be served includes the following

  • Full name of person to be served.

    If a Pty Ltd corporation is being served, please give us the name of the company, registeredaddress, ABN/ACN and a suggestion of a person to serve the documents to;

  • Home Address

    This is an Feature List Item that is part of an Feature List. Notice the connector between the three graphics to show that they are related.

  • Work Address

    Where they work and what they do for work at that address.

  • Vehicle Details

    What do they vehicle do they drive, what colour is it and the number plate details.

  • Photo

    If you have a photo of the person, please email it to us or include with your instructions.

  • Social Media

    The URL of their Social Media presence (eg Facebook) is sometimes helpful.

  • Suggested Time and Place

    When do you recommend the service be attempted? E.g. Day of the Week, Time of the Day, Location.

  • Expected Resistance

    How do you expect the person to react? Are they hiding from the Service? Are they likely to refuse it?

Acorn Repossessions Australia

If you don't know where the person can be found, we can perform searches and/or surveillance to ascertain their location; we specialise in difficult and obstructive recipients including those attempting to avoid service. Our discounted hourly rate applies for these services.

Why use Acorn Collection Services?

  • We have over 13 years experience in the law.
  • We have served for members of the public, law firms and mercantile agencies.
  • We attempt completion of the service within 72hrs.
  • We can supply feedback on the home, the recipients, the cars and any details of significance.
  • We are highly professional, courteous and well trained in the field.
  • We serve all types of court documents, family documents, Letters of Demand or Orders.
  • We are experienced in service of papers, from QLD, Interstate and/or Overseas.
  • We will have the Acknowledgement of Service forms witnessed and sent to you within 72hrs of service.
  • Interim Reports are filed if there is any unforeseen delay with service.
  • We will text you as soon as the service has been actioned.
  • We serve documents from all jurisdictions Australia wide.
  • We hold a comprehensive database of sample Affidavits and Proofs of Service covering all Court jurisdictions throughout Australia.
  • We are always respectful and mindful of your instructions; we approach each service professionally and courteously.

To discuss our competitive rates or should you require further information regarding our services, please contact

Susan on 0450 349 866 or via Email :

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